Recently I've been diagnosed with an aggressive and invasive breast ductal cancer.

We're in the process of going through many tests, and planning a course of action to obliterate this cancer from my body. Therefore I'm not sure how much I'll be able to work during this process. My new job is fighting cancer. I have a family of four, including a 5 month old and almost 4 year old. My husband's sole income cannot provide for our families needs. I'm self employed and am not eligible for disability or unemployment.

If you want to help, we're accepting donations via paypal. We're also accepting breast milk donations from smoke, alcohol and medication free donors.

Please keep checking back for updates. I'll be positing update on my blog, facebook, twitter, and here.

Team Tegan In support of Tegan Beyer

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Tegan found out in early June that the lump she has been feeling in her breast is more than an abcess... more than a clogged milk duct... it was cancer.

As a mom of two, she is busy balancing caring for her family, creating a battle plan for obliterating the cancer from her body and working as a tattoo artist to help support their family of four. Being self employed, she is not eligible for disability and the last thing the Beyer family needs is the additional stress of trying to stretch Josh's paycheck or trying to work while undergoing cancer treatment in order to make ends meet.

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